McKinstry's Market Garden

Momo's Snack Shack

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Welcome to MoMo's Snack Shack at McKinstry Market Garden, where locally sourced ingredients meet delicious, freshly prepared food.

Our mission is simple: to provide our customers with flavorful, wholesome snacks and meals made with ingredients sourced from local businesses we trust. We're proud to partner with a variety of esteemed local suppliers, including Rubee Ranch, Bernardino's Bakery, Mapleline Farms, Chicopee Provisions, Sweet Babu's Granola, Mi Nina Tortilla, Tandem Bagel, and Esselon Coffee. From farm-fresh produce to artisanal baked goods and specialty coffee, each item on our menu reflects the vibrant flavors and rich diversity of our region. Join us at MoMo's Snack Shack and experience the true taste of local goodness in every bite.

Experience the ultimate dining ambiance at MoMo's Snack Shack, nestled within our cozy heated greenhouse. Can't make it in? No worries! Order online via our Square Site for convenient takeout options to enjoy our delicous offerings from the comfort of your home.

Why MoMo's?

If you've ever visited our farm, chances are you've encountered MoMo, our official farm greeter and beloved furry friend. Whether she's showering our employees with kisses, patrolling the fields with boundless energy, or hitching a ride on the tractor, MoMo brings an infectious joy to every corner of McKinstry Farms. She's not just a pet; she's a cherished member of our family and an integral part of our daily operations. It's her playful spirit and unwavering loyalty that inspired us to name our snack shack after her, serving as a reminder of the warmth and happiness she brings to all who visit.

When you step into MoMo's Snack Shack, you're not just enjoying delicious food — you're experiencing a taste of the love and camaraderie that defines McKinstry Farms.