McKinstry's Market Garden


We sell our flowers, as well as starter vegetable plants, from the beginning of May to mid-June. In the fall, we sell marigolds and mums and other hearty, end-of-season plants. Search among the selection below for your garden-enhancing favorites:

Name Brief Description/Where To Grow
Ageratum Ageratum Native to Mexico, British Honduras, and Guatemala. Blooms May through October, and is considered one of the more dependable flowering annuals. Grows well in full sun or partial shade.
Bacopa Bacopa Likes full sun or light shade. Do not allow soil to completely dry out. Check frequently in hot, windy areas.
Begonia Begonia Native of Brazil, and so is susceptible to frost. Does well in sun and shade . Plant smaller ones, 9 to 12 inches apart. Larger varieties should be planted 15 to 18 inches apart.
Celosia Celosia A sun and heat lover which blooms dependably from summer to frost. Best in sun to part shade.
Coleus Coleus Must have well-drained soil and should not be excessively watered. Will grow best in part shade or dappled light. Used in plant beds, and can also be grown attractively in containers as accents to patios, porches, and terraces.
Dahlia Dahlia Variety, in a word, is the dahlia. Grouped into 6 size categories and into 11 bloom categories. Likes well-drained, humus-rich soil and full sunlight.
Daisy Daisy Germinates in 15-30 days. Used as ground cover or border plant. Exceptional cut flower, lasting up to 10 days in a flower arrangement.
Dianthus Dianthus Masses of richly colored, velvety blossoms. Flowers all summer long. Best in sun to part shade.
Double Petunia Double Petunia Petunias come in every imaginable color and can be multi-colored. Bloom in the spring until fall, and have a fragrant scent.
Dusty Miller Dusty Miller Distinctive silver white leaves. Best in light, well-drained soil, high in organic matter. Plant in sun or part sun. Requires low maintenance.
Fan Flower Fan Flower Best in very bright conditions. Keep soil evenly moist at all times.
Gazania Gazania This brightly colored flower opens only in sunlight and closes in shade or at night. Best in full sun.
Geranium Geranium Among the most popular of flowering plants. Used in annual beds, window boxes, pots, and hanging plants. Also can be grown indoors in sunny areas.
Impatiens Impatiens Flattened mounds of color from summer to frost. Used in beds, pots, and hanging baskets. Likes shade to part shade.
Impatiens Double Impatiens Double Excellent for shady and partly shady areas indoors and out. May wilt or burn in full sun if not well-watered.
Lobelia Lobelia Has striking color contrast with other flowers. Ideal for bedding, pots, and color bowls. Likes part shade.
Marigold Marigold Does best in good garden loam, well-drained and moist. Remove spent flower heads for continuous flowering. Best in sun. Will take longer to flower in shady areas.
Moss Rose Moss Rose The moss rose is a prostrate succulent plant that prefers sunny and dry locations
Nasturtium Requires well-drained soil and does best in full sunlight. Has 10 times the amount of Vitamin C of lettuce, so use leaves and petals in salads. Seeds can be ground into a pepper.
Pansy Pansy Multi-colored and grows in a variety of soils, but best in garden loam rich in organic matter and well-drained. Also best in full sun.
Petunia Petunia These petunias have contrasting stripe patterns. Petunias come in every imaginable color and can be multi-colored. Bloom in the spring until fall, and have a fragrant scent.
Salvia Salvia Award-winning variety with dazzling spires of flowers. Will flower until frost. Attracts bees and butterflies to the garden. Likes sun to part shade.
Snapdragon Snapdragon A dwarf mass of colorful flower spikes from spring to frost. Fragrant, too. Best in sun to part shade.
Straw Flower Easy to grow from summer to early autumn. Best in full sun and rich, moist, well-drained soil. Great for low edging or mixed containers.
Sweet Alyssum Sweet Alyssum Hearty and of Southern European origin. Used in borders, hanging baskets, rock gardens, etc. Emits "sweet" aroma in full bloom. A carpet of color that lasts from spring to frost.
Tahitian Bridal Veil Tahitian Bridal Veil Trailing stems of deep green leaves covered with tiny white flowers. Likes medium light.
Thunbergia alata Thunbergia alata Twining vines provide orange and yellow blooms all summer long. Best in sun to part shade. Perfect for containers on decks or patios.
Verbena Verbena Solid masses of color on spreading plants over a long season. Used for beds, borders, or containers. Likes sun to part shade.
Vinca Vine Vinca Vine Trailing glossy green foliage make a wonderful accent. Does best in full sun.