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Local Partner Spotlight!

Local Partner Spotlight: Rubee Ranch, Belchertown

Nestled in the heart of Belchertown, MA, Rubee Ranch is a small family farm dedicated to raising a commercial beef herd, pigs, and hens to provide fresh eggs.

During the summer months, Rubee Ranch proudly showcases their farm-fresh meats, eggs, and locally grown vegetables at the Belchertown Farmer's Market.

Rubee Ranch's commitment to quality extends beyond the farmers market. They play an integral role in supplying our store and MoMo's Snack Shack with fresh meats and eggs. Explore the Rubee Ranch meat display in our store, offering everything from juicy burgers to tender, fresh-cut steaks, perfect for summer grilling! Alternatively, visit MoMo's Snack Shack to indulge in their pork sausage breakfast burrito or savor the signature Rubee Ranch Burger!

Support local and savor the flavors of Rubee Ranch!